During his many training camps and trips in Brazil, Dr. Tanaka witnessed the extreme poverty and high criminality that was affecting this wonderful country. During one of his trip he met Camila, founder of the Anjos Do Bem Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing recreational activities to children in order to keep them away from the troubles of the street. Located in one of the most dangerous slum of South America, Morro de Alemao, this project needs urgent support. Dr. Tanaka donated jiu jitsu mats and came to teach a class during his last trip. Today, thanks to the work of amazing volunteers, jiu jitsu and dancing classes are taught everyday after school, allowing those kids to play and learn in a safer environment.

Dr. Tanaka practicing with one of the children of the project Anjos Do Bem

Some of the children and the team of volunteers who teach for the project


The association Anjos Do Bem needs sponsors and partners to support those children. Anything from gi (jiu jitsu uniform), mats, material, or money donation is warmly welcome. If you need more information and want to get involved, contact Dr. Tanaka here.

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