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Stephan A

Dr. Sara is great! She is knowledgeable, professional, and proved very helpful in dealing with shoulder and ankle injuries I sustained while rock climbing. Her practice is more holistic and wider scope than other chiropractors I know, which allowed me to address diet, sleep, etc as well. A great experience!

Seam Q

Upon my initial visit not only did Dr. Sara point out ways to fix my injury so that I could heal as fast as possible but she also found issues in other body functions that occurred from my diet and issues with emotional stresses. I came in thinking I was just going to get adjusted but I learned that recovery is more than just stretches and physical
therapy, a large factor is your diet and emotional life stresses that occur and Dr. Sara did a great job helping me to achieve the best recovery I could get.

Clare M

Dr. Sara is not the run of the mill
chiropractor- you most likely won’t get the same treatment every week, and she does not stick to cracking necks. Stress management, nutritional therapy, and gut health are all part of the regimen, and she does a lot of soft tissue work too. She’s often helped me find supplements to repair deficiencies, and it can be a surprise to recognize
“hey, this is working!

Caitlin M.

Dr. Sara understands the physical
and emotional body. She is intuitive and evaluates beyond the spine by incorporating extremity work,
neurology principles, and functional medicine. I trust her completely with my health, as she has been a true healing angel for me in many ways while I’ve been under her care.


Dr. Tanaka is the real deal! He helped fix a painful shoulder issue that I’ve been putting up with for years. He did it in a few visits. Highly recommended.

Ray C

Dr Tanaka is great!
Located super close to 19th Bart makes it very convenient.
The office is clean and super friendly.
Josuke helped me understand what the causes of my pains were and how to correct those issues. Definitely recommended!

D. B

I can’t thank Dr. Tanaka enough…the MOST thorough exam I’ve had from a chiropractor! After the 1st visit I felt remarkably better; the 2nd visit, I’m convinced he is a true HEALER.


Dr. Tanaka has done a tremendous work on my right shoulder injury, as a result from a motorcycle accident I suffered a few months ago. In only a few visits I have almost reach 100% mobility in my arm, which I feel if I had just let it “healed” as recommended by the doctors, would not have yield the same results. I would highly recommend Dr. Tanaka because of his extensive knowledge in sports injury and also his welcoming demeanor when you are being treated by him.

Kerry H

After my first of many concussions at age 15 I have been dealing with impaired vision in one eye and nearly blind by age 21. After 13 years without any treatment, I’m amazed to say that after about 5 sessions I can finally see clearly and feel confident about my well-being. Dr. Tanaka is not only extremely skilled and knowledgeable in his field, but never gives up on patients. He always believed I would get better, even when I stopped believing in myself. I’m extremely grateful to you and the Chiropractic profession!

Shane A

Dr. Tanaka is an incredible chiropractor. His knowledge of the body is rooted in years of experience as a high level athlete as well as a chiropractor. From the first visit Dr. Tanaka created a comfortable environment and easily explained chiropractic to me. The adjustment and overall experience was very enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr. Tanaka to anyone in the East Bay looking to get healthy, not just recovering from an injury.

Nikita P

Dr. Tanaka was quick to offer me a solution for my problem and worked personally with my insurance, to clear up and payment questions. Coupled with a very cozy office and a friendly front desk assistant, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending this doctor.

Sacha F

Dr. Tanaka is an incredible resource in the east bay. It is rare to get both a top athlete and a top doctor in the same person. I am immensely impressed with the breadth of his experience and his cool demeanor. He is a kind, wise man who knows how to fix bodies.

Mike V

Dr. Tanaka is an amazing Chiro! His hands have a comfortable “feel” which I feel is a very important characteristic for this type of doctor and his adjustments are spot on! I always feel like my body and muscles are able to relax after getting treated, especially after a stressful week. Definitely recommended!!!

Michael B

Dr. Tanaka has been excellent!

He’s thorough, caring, and skilled at his craft. His background in science and sport give confidence to patients.

Initially coming in due to shoulder pain, he did a full evaluation, identified then solved not only the cause of that problem but laid out a plan to help solve for an additional knee problem I had.

Thank you Dr. Tanaka!

James H

Dr. Josuke Tanaka is a chiropractor with the magic hands. He addressed me neck and shoulders in seconds and made me feel so much better. As a chiropractic neurologist He focuses more on the neurology of the body and can quickly diagnose your issues. Located in the heart of Oakland this is one chiropractor you want to see! Thanks for fixing my shoulders.

David B

Dr. Tanaka is basically a miracle worker.
I went in looking for help with an MCL sprain that was keeping me out of jiu-jitsu, and the extent of my recovery is much greater than expected. My knee is getting close to 100% and Josuke was also able to help with several unrelated sports-injuries that have been bugging me for years. I’d strongly recommend him to others.

Luis P

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tanaka for help with my lower back and hip pain and can’t recommend him enough. During my first visit Dr. Tanaka talked to me about the pain that I was experiencing and thoroughly assessed my back and hips. After a couple of visits my pain subsided and Dr. Tanaka recommended several stretches and exercises to help keep my back and hips pain free. Dr. Tanaka’s office is located in downtown Oakland and is two blocks away from the 19th Street BART station. If you have back pain from sitting at a desk all day I strongly recommend that you give Dr. Tanaka a visit.

Nadia F

If healing results are what you are interested in, look no further. Dr. Tanaka has a unique understanding of the body from his education as well as his experience as a high-level MMA athlete. He took the time to fully listen to me and explained chiropractic is a way that I found easy to understand and relate to, and he was always patient as I asked questions. I found his office to be comfortable and easy to locate. I highly recommend making an appointment for yourself with Dr. Tanaka.

Jenny C

Dr. Tanaka is awesome. I sprained my ankle right before I had to go on a strenuous work trip as a videographer on rough terrain. He is totally accommodating and saw me immediately. His initial assessment was thorough and his treatments helped prepare me for an active week on my feet 10 hrs a day with heavy equipment. I would highly recommend Dr. Tanaka for anyone that wants quality care and a speedy recovery.

Sarah T

Dr. Tanaka healed me up very quickly after I bulged a disk in my lower back. I was barely able to sit, stand, or walk. I was in excruciating pain and when I called him, he picked up and had me come in an hour later. His energy and expertise comforted me and he promised to help me get to a place where I could work on my feet for a very important film shoot I had coming up in 7 days—and he did! He’s an exceptional person and is really interested in your healing. He’s also really knowledgeable about the body as a system and was able to help me with some knee trouble I was experiencing too. I’m glad I know who to call for any future chiropractic needs.

Caleb K

Dr. Tanaka has helped me with so many different things I’m really not sure where to start. His holistic approach to health integrates all kinds of practices; chiropractic work, nutrition, neurology, and so much more. He’s helped me address so many facets of my life and has been so supportive. He works with you to create a reasonable yet straight forward plan to execute. I’ve never been so confident with my overall health. The coolest part about Dr. Tanaka is that he’s a black belt in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!! Can’t thank this guy enough!

Felix M

I usually don’t promote businesses but I can’t say enough good things about my friend, teammate, and doctor, Dr. Josuke Tanaka.

A Jiu Jitsu and Judo black belt himself: Dr. Tanaka knows exactly how to diagnose injuries, provide preventative care, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, even optimum nutrition for a well balanced diet. After several sessions, he’s worked wonders for my knee injury and overall health.

If you’re in combat sports, an athlete or a just looking to improve your health, Josuke is the way.

Roland Q

Dr. Tanaka is always on top of things! He’s helped me for quite some time especially whenever I have an injury sustained from taking throws in Chinese wrestling. Pretty much he keeps me in top shape so that I can continue to train hard. This has given me an edge over my other training partners because my body is able to function optimally. I also recommend him because his adjustment skills are solid. I’ve been to several chiropractors but he is able to find the right areas and really hit the spots that need them. Other than his chiropractic skills he has an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and really educates you on what or why it may be affecting you. Definitely, come see him and don’t wait!

Jessica S

Dr. Tanaka possess all of the top qualities you want when looking for a chiropractor. He is extremely knowledgeable, has great communication, shows empathy and has great passion for his work. I absolutely feel at ease when I visit him. I can say that I have I found my life long chiropractic Doctor, he helps me with all of my health concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Tanaka!

Mollii K

I lead a very active lifestyle. I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, Ginastica Natural, yoga, jogging, etc… My passion in Martial Arts and fitness lend many body challenges including a lower back pain, a torn ligament and shoulder issues. An avid fitness proponent and Martial Artist himself, Dr. Tanaka understands my needs and has been instrumental in my recovery with my injuries. Dr. Tanaka is knowledgeable, patient and kind. He is gentle and I never worried that I might get hurt during his sessions. Dr. Tanaka is also intuitive and effective. Because of Dr. Tanaka, I am able to enjoy life without pain and am able to maintain my active lifestyle as well as continue my passion in Martial Arts. I highly recommend Dr. Tanaka to anyone who wants to move forward in their healing.


I was referred to Dr. Tanaka for treatment as I was having some lower back pain and severe headaches, as the result of a mild concussion, from a car accident. I have to say his approach was quite different from other chiropractors that I’ve seen in the past but it was much appreciated. I honestly thought it was going to be one of those visits in which you get an adjustment then you’re out until the next time but I’m so glad that it was not.

Dr. Tanaka took a very holistic approach in his treatment for me while displaying a genuine concern for my welfare. He was very easy to talk to and took the time to explain the source of my discomfort and worked with me through the healing process. He prescribed instruction and treatment on everything from my diet to physical activity. Over a period of approximately 6-8 weeks, I noticed a definite improvement in my health, physically and mentally.

I will definitely go back for follow-up visits and I most definitely recommend Dr. Tanaka.


I first went to see Dr. Tanaka the 8th of July after my shoulder dislocated both forward, backward, with some muscle tearing to add. After my first visit, two days after the injury, I was able to breath better, not only figuratively but actually physically breath and thus sleep better. After seeing Dr. Tanaka once, I went to a former chiropractor who left me feeling foolish and in more pain. I went back to Tanaka 3 times since my attempt to be cheap about my well being and I have improved so much so fast. I wanted relief and to be healed and I’m getting just that from such a knowledgeable source in Dr. Tanaka. Oh, also of course a rib was out of place, and he fixed that like it was no big deal.

I train in jujitsu my 3+ times a week, run my normal lunch time 7 miles, and almost do downward facing dog. My physical therapy is easy and I can do it anywhere. I have an appointment today and can’t wait to show off my push up. Thank you So much.

Michael S

I’ve been dealing with lower back and hip pain for the better part of the last 10 years. This back pain has been the number one issue keeping me from training Jiu Jitsu on a consistent basis. Since coming to see Dr. Tanaka, I’ve been able to get back on to the mats and train more consistently.

I seriously can’t say enough great things about Dr. Tanaka! He’s been able to pinpoint exactly what’s been going on with my back/hip and has given me a clear roadmap to recovery.

If you train in Martial Arts, are an athlete or are just looking for a Chiropractor in general, look no further than Dr. Tanaka. His office is super conveniently located near the 19th St. Bart station in downtown Oakland.

C. M

I met Josuke at the Guardian gym where he teaches Brazilian jiu jitsu and ginastica natural. First of, he is a great teacher and I encourage you to come train with him at the gym.
During one of the practice classes I popped a rib which took me off the mat for a few weeks.
After just a few sessions with Josuke at the clinic, not only my rib felt way better, but my mobility and strength improved significantly.
I would really recommend Josuke, especially if you practice bjj or any other martial art. As a martial artist himself (he holds black belts in bjj and judo), Josuke like nobody understands the nature of trauma grapplers and fighters get and knows how to treat it.
Also, any other chiropractor or doctor would start telling you that you should give up the sport altogether or just stay away from training as long as possible. Josuke, on the other hand, knows a martial artist’s mentality well and will try to get you in shape as soon as possible, knowing how much being able to train matters to you.

Thank you again!

Maggie M

Long story short… Dr. Tanaka fixed me up in just 2 visits!

A little about my background, I am an athlete and martial artist that trains almost everyday. For the past 2-3 weeks, my left forearm was hurting and numbness shot down from my elbow to my fingers. My necks and shoulders ( upper traps) were also tight and I could not turn my head to the left side . I tried using lacrosse ball, foam roller, stretching, ice, and tiger balm but that only temporary relieved that the pain . Worse of all, it took me away from my training. I was freaking out because I had a Jiu -Jitsu tournament within less than two weeks

Dr. Tanaka got me back to training after my first adjustment. He was very professional, and after some assessments he found the reason behind my weak left arm. It turns out that my back posture was too forward and my muscles were compressing a nerve resulting in numbness, pain, and weakness in my left arm. He adjusted me and prescribed me exercises to fix my posture. After the second visit, my left arm left felt stronger and the pain/numbness was longer there.

If you read his profile, he is also an athlete himself (holds a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) . Some doctors I visited usually advise against training altogether, but Dr. Tanaka understands that athletes need to train and got me back to my normal routine. I cannot thank Dr. Tanaka enough!

Alfred C

Dr. Tanaka is fantastic!

Dr. Tanaka is very thorough and caring in his treatments. He explains to you about your issues and the progress that is being made.

As a BJJ practitioner I’ve suffered back pains for about 2 years and I went to see two different chiropractors to help solve the issue. However the pain became worse and it went all the way to my hip. After the initial visit with Dr. Tanaka he was able to diagnosis the root cause of the back pain and made me 90% better!

If you are a martial arts practitioner I highly recommend Dr. Tanaka. His martial arts background gives him greater knowledge in understanding and providing a diagnosis and treatment.

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